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Ayşegül Ongun

I have studied in the field of Turkish literature, but I have a strong connection to cinema. I'm interested in every aspect of cinema and consider myself a cinephile. I produce film reviews and podcasts about cinema. Currently, I'm pursuing a master's degree focusing on Film and TV. I'm intrigued by the boundaries between documentary and fiction. I am working on a documentary for my graduation project. I aim to progress in the field of documentary filmmaking and continue to be productive in ever aspect of the cinema.

Copywriter / Podcaster

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Özgür Saydır

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology. I am currently pursuing a master's degree in cognitive psychology at Koç University. I am interested in visual communication and visual arts in general. I love movies fracturing reality through editing to create a new reality.


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Arda Işık

I've been working with sound everyday for over 15 years and creating sound is my passion. My work focuses on sound design, mix and mastering, post production, sound effects, game audio and implementation, field recording, immersive audio and music creation. Let's make some good noises together!

Sound Designer

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Mehmet Can Yavuz

I have a unique blend of expertise in art and engineering, with a specialization in animation, video production, and drama. I'm deeply passionate about the art of montage and its significance in cinema, and I strictly adhere to the principles of tragedy in my written works. I also incorporate machine learning techniques in my literary works and animations, actively contributing to the development of these algorithms and regularly publishing my findings in scientific conferences and journals.

Founder - Producer

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Yasemin Tavacıoğlu

I graduated from the Cartoon and Animation department. Throughout my education, I participated in numerous projects, focusing on opportunities to enhance my skills in animation, design, and motion graphics. I enjoy exploring visuals and making them come alive through motion. I always work on new and creative projects, adapting to changes in the animation industry.

Animation Artist

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Kadir Şen

I am studying in Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering departments at Sabancı University. I have an initiative in the field of image processing that ensures occupational safety in factories. I am trying to follow the determining role of computer science technologies in the future of production processes. I am eager to do more comprehensive work in these areas.


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