fragment from the republic

Image for the lost woman

the lost woman

A woman is lost, and a suspicious man who likely knows her is arrested. How is this trial going to end?

Image for a visit for a marriage

a visit for a marriage

An old friend of the groom comes to visit at the wedding day. They talk about the fun days they used to have, but this conversation will ruin their lives.

Image for longer than tomorrow

longer than tomorrow

An ordinary man who has doubts about his wife is fired while she finds a new job.

Image for the republic

the republic

The establishment of modern Turkish state.

Image for weaknesses


An old couple wakes up for the birthday of their grandchild. The grandfather takes a journey that he ended up with his own self-questionings.

Image for lying in grass

lying in grass

A child lost in nature and saved. On the other hand, a relationship is about to finish. Will nature allow to repair broken relationships?

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