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Motherland or Silistre

Mehmet Can Yavuz

The events revolve around the love of Islam, who volunteered in the Crimean War between the Ottoman Empire and Russia in 1853, and Zekiye, a young girl who went after him to Silistre. Silistre Castle was fortified by Russian troops on May 15, 1854. Volunteers throughout the Empire were defending the castle. The siege was lifted after weeks of intense attacks thanks to heroic resistance from Muslim soldiers.

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Oedipus Rex - Radio Theatre

Mehmet Can Yavuz

The radio theatre adaptation of Sophocles' timeless classic, "Oedipus Rex." This compelling audio drama brings to life the tragic tale of Oedipus, the King of Thebes, fated by a prophecy. Through a powerful blend of dialogue, music, and sound effects, the story unfolds as Oedipus, a man of swift action and insight, seeks to save his kingdom from a devastating plague.

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